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C3D is where 3D is MAXimized using 3 D Studio MAX

Please refresh this page often because I change it almost every few months.

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Here is a shot of my work station ...... My wife and kids say that I'm always in front of my computer and this shot is proof that this seat is empty sometimes.

As you look around this site you'll see some of the images I've created Using 3D Studio MAX [R6]. Surface Tools now just the spline modeler in max is my favorit modeling tool.I also use Positron Publishing's Mesh Paint, Genesis and True UV; REM Infografica's ClothReyes, DirtyReyes and SurfReyes. And I couldn't live without Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere; Painter, And lets not forget those Discreet programs like Character Studio 4, Combustion 3 and CleanerXL..... There are many more but for now (and always) this Homepage is a work in progress.

If you would like to see more about any topic or a reprint of any articles that I have written contact me below.

Mike Szilagyi, and I run the Philadelphia 3D Studio Users Group. Hopefully we'll be back to meeting every third Tuesday of the every other month at The Art Institute of Philadelphia; @ 1622 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. but for now check "My Next Lecture Date" page on the left.

If you have any comments or you do 3D in the Delaware Valley

write me

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C3D c/o Robert J. Undi