The Image is Titled "Can You See The Magic"
Below is a description of the main image
My son had fallen madly in love with this beautiful young lady. They truly affected the world around them. People who I thought didn?t even know what my son looked like ( )would come up to me and tell me ?how wonderful it is to see a young couple in love?. I honestly must have heard that phrase more than 15 or 20 times. Till finally another young couple told me that they too wanted to change the world by showing their love openly, because after seeing my son and his love they began to realize how very important it is to give the world something positive to grab hold of.
This image is where these unseen influences change our lives. This is my interpretation of how cupid?s arrow strikes. It has a lot to do with our dreams and how those dreams cause us to have this positive glow and this starts this miracle known as synchronicity (which is just small coincidences (miracles) that are connected and the string of connections that entwines us is known as love.
The spark of synchronicity , most times is created with just a simple kiss, hug or squeeze of a hand. Those simple acts ignite those positive passionate emotions, that I symbolized in the previous image, as a flash of light. ( if you look into the girls eyes in this image you can easily see confidence and fulfillment.
This part of the image symbolizes how over time the synchronicity keeps on growing and hence affects the world around them
This next part shows how this effect is causing this girl in the rowboat to start to dream... ?how nice it would feel to be in his arms...?
At the same time that these positive attitudes start to affect us we begin to brake down our inhibitions and start to exhibit some of our strengths and we become more confident in ourselves... we are willing to take risks with our personality... be all we can be... something we would not normally do ... because our normal stance is to protect ourselves from ridicule. She may even tell him secrets that she hasn?t reveled to anyone.

To portray this new found courage I illustrate the young lady as floating on water and defying gravity.

When she ends up in his arms she discovers that her dreams were not the only ones to come true!
This part of the image is to show how the rest of the world is oblivious of the positive energy around them. Most of us are realists in at least some portion of our physique ( for those of you that don?t know my take on this... the pronunciation of the word realist is ?Fatalist?... ?can?t? is a falsity ... ?can? is a reality) And yes we have to actively on a daily basis, push fatalism out of the way. Don?t get me wrong those fatalist views still have value as a ?to solve? list ... all of the dreamers (dreamers is pronounced ?engineer?, ?designer?, ?inventor? etc.) at NASA were very aware of all the millions of things that could and most likely would go wrong with the missions to the moon. They solved as many of those problems as possible and to improve their chances of success they created a system of redundancies for the areas that weren?t resolved completely. They also were not looking for perfection (?with in an acceptable level of error?) most things require an evolutionary process. (look at aids we don?t even have a cure but we have made great strides... sometimes getting to 1% is just a god send... Look at interferon, when we first developed it, the best we could do is .001% and it cost over a $1,000,000,000.00/oz. to produce and we were able to save lives back then and even though the cost was high it was still worthwhile (now we have 80% purity and it only costs a few hundred dollars an ounce to produce.)

We all have to at all times take a positive attitude on everything we do in life, and not be stopped or run away from stumbling blocks. (when ?can?t? turns into reality we see the onset of evil, which then is strengthened by fear...)