This Page is under construction (ignore even the wording... its all a jumble I'm constantly changing it... in a few years it will come together)

This is the first image of a several image collage about falling and being in Love

The Collage is titled


The consept was inspired, and is dedicated to my own true love ... my Susann,

What actuslly got me started thinking about creating this collage was when my middle son Chris and has friend "E" fell in love, and a little old lady who will remaim nameless, who recaptured her true love after 38 years, (sometimes saying "I'm sorry"...(even after 38 years)... can put you back on track). When people wonder, what has transformed to this grumpy old woman, and what has transformed her into a happy-go-luckey "teenager" you realize that it was somethimg very, very sinple .... it was just....


This First Image will be finished (I hope) by the spring (this is only the photo that will be used in the image), it's Titled

"I am Alone in surch of More"

This Second Image will be titled

"I've found the courage to LOVE You" (it's been re-titled to)

"Can you see the magic"

This is the point in life where we find the courage to do things that We would normally never do.

All those silly, embarising, awkward, and yes stupid things that you have to do to "brake to the ice"

notice, in the image the girl is floating on the water trying to impress others in the harbor of love... shes hoping that sparks will fly just like the couple in the window to the far right


it's about the entering into the arms of passion

This is actually the Third Image of the collage, and it is Titled

"I offer my Love to You"

This is the point when your own personal needs become a distant second place, to the only one you can think of ... the one you "LOVE"

these images are in development

its hard to say how they will develop

This is only the photo that I may be useing for the Image. but I may change my mind a few times