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My Bio.


My Art style

Who I am, ... Where I'm from, ... My life history, ... And hopefully why I think the way I do.
We're all driven by many motivations on a day to day basis. But I try to, at all times, to be driven only by love motivation, (and through out my life). I know that it sounds idealistic, and it is meant to, With out striving for ideals we strive for nothing, we stay in places that ?fear? Holds us to. Since we no longer live in caves, humanity has strived to meet these ideals. We have ships because of ideals, we have bridges because of ideals,. We have flight because of ideals, we have skyscrapers because of ideals, we have traveled to the moon because of ideals. And those ideals have spawned new dreams,... When the fatalists start to sing their song of how the money could have been better spent lets not forget that the space program gave us most of the medical technology that we have today. Because without the stepping stones that NASA has provided us we wouldn't have CAT scans, interferon, and all of the sensors we use for medical testing, etc., etc., etc.
And we need to inspire the young to look on the brighter side of life, before they become fatalists (Realists)... Because lets not forget how controllers (government / religious leaders / marketing ) work. They control us by using fear. (Remember my family is from the Soviet Block and from 18 (when I visited my mothers home town in Romania) till roughly when I was 26 I studied how ?brainwashing / control? I.e. governmental manipulation or its populous (and in the last 10 years we have to include the marketing industry that drives all our advertising controls... ever since advertisers started using shrinks to get to our heads (supposedly without us knowing about it) we need to include them in this "control" group).
... Getting back to the main topic, the best way to do this is expose the youth to new ideas, help them to stretch their minds to use BOTH sides of their brain and heart, and teach them how to ?love?, ... Selflessly.... Unconditionally ... And the responsibilities that are tied to loving. [ more to come]
I was born on March 26, 1952, in a small town just outside of the Alsace-Lorraine Valley called Dana Marie in France.
and my grand parents lived in Colemar
Here is an image of a house in Colmar in the 1500s
The next most important thing is when I met my honey.
The image of Sue (not the back ground was taken for Senior Prom . (And yes I wore pink too)
Here is an image when we first met
Susann was 15 1/2 and I was 18
this was junior prom
and the next most important thing would be our children
here we have Chris 24, Rob 25, Alex 17... taken Oct. of 2004
on their own little island ... During Nor-Eastern...
In Wildwood NJ
A Meme [pronounced long "E" soft m at the end] is an infectious thought or a thought that is passed along, ... Sometimes from generation to generation. Some infectious meme's can become down right viral. An example of a viral meme is a rumor. An example of a meme that is passed along from generation to generation would be: ... A sailor in the 1700 and 1800 century who would teach his son how to tie various knots. The meme isn't only the mechanics of tying the knot but also the value of tying the knot properly because that knot could and most likely would save his sons life.
We will be focusing only on positive meme's here ... If you have a good one please send it to me at:
The only thing that I preach is "LOVE" it's the most important thing in life, with education being a distant second and everything else coming in after that. (If you go to my fantasy section, and look at each image, it explains some of my views on that ...)
I also believe that there is a path laid down before us, and we should follow that path ... We can chose to not follow that path, but just like Adam and Eve that choice will throw you out of paradise. (You will know if your on the path if it leads you to Love ). Be independent ... But not so independent that your alone. ( W. Chruchill)
  • A conscious dream is a wish your heart make. ( W. Disney)
  • If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme! ( W. Disney)
  • Synchronicity is the management of coincidences.
  • What you don't like about your mate, you damn well better appreciate. (RJU)
  • If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true. ( W. Disney) On the flip side anything that you fear will also come true ... So never dwell on your fears ... Always squish your fears by thinking positively. ( Dr.Wayne Dyer)
  • There is a little lie on every truth and a little truth in every lie. (If you look at the Yin and Yang symbol you will notice that there is a small dot in each tear drop of black and white ... It illustrates how good defines evil and evil defines good. If you think about it equality comes naturally ... Don't get me wrong it's still an ideal we should strive for. ) ( RJU)
  • Truth is an idealistic goal we will never reach but should always strive for. Understanding is as close as humans get to the truth. Communication, patience and love are the tools of understanding. (RJU)
  • Too many times in life we talk to ourselves ... When, what we should be doing is talking to the person that we are thinking of. (RJU)
  • "Whoever I'm with, I'm always, always, talking to you". (Cat Stevens)
  • Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.
  • The biggest risk is not taking one.
  • Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.
  • Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself. (RJU)
  • To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.
I like to create illusions that are not real... allowing people to see them selves differently, or in ways that they may not have envisioned them selves. I try to create images of people and events in ways that they may not have imagined them selves in. Maybe more heroic or romantic or adventurous or sexier.

An artists job is to show life differently than the to hum way that we usually see either ourselves or how we perceive life. A new interpretation.

My favorite type of image would have to be anything that has to do with Romance, I'm just an old mush head. My second favorite would be sci-fi. I just love to explore possible technologies that have not emerged as of yet. I think that science will evolve to a point where science looks and feels like magic. If you went back in time and showed some one say in the 14th century a portable DVD player it would most definitely look and feel like magic.

The word ?sexier? Obviously brings up many questions. I had cohorts a friend of mine to be in a very romantic pose with his wife. We all knew that our doctor friend would get a lot of ribbing for the pose. But he was will to do the shot if I was willing to cover his bald spot... I of course said I would... and of course I didn't. I feel that my job as a photographer is to make you look your best... not look like some one else.

Even though I was born in Europe and there many things that have influenced me that are European. I've been asked why I don't do nudity. And it goes back to my early teenage years. When I was 12 or 13 I had seen a picture of a very famous fashion model. In fact I had a small crush on her. One day I came across an image of her with the wind blowing and the wind had puffed up her blouse as if she was wearing a ski jacket, the buttons were pulled very toughly and yes you could see a small portion of her chest. Well I carried that image in my head for many years. When I was about 19, my cousin and I went to Paris, I saw an image of her of her in the nude, with her chest exposed. I was disappointed her chest was not anything like I imagined it to be. Trying to keep this short... I learned in a rather dramatic way that it is best if you leave something to the imagination and let you audience fill in the blanks. Don't get me wrong I have no problem with nudity, as long as it is portraying romance or something to do with falling in love... in essence in good taste. Its just that I don't do nudes... artistic or otherwise.

Now this is where the topic of making some one look sexier begins to blur. I once talked to an elderly lady who defined ?sex? As any physical contact with the opposite sex, implied or otherwise. So if your overcoat brushed up against her overcoat that would be considered sex, depending on the intent?. And of course any direct contact... like holding hands would most certainly be considered as sex, regardless of intent. She went on further to say that any one who had children was a pervert because it required parents to have impure thoughts. I in turn pointed out that if everyone felt like that then the species would not exist. (Call me homo-phobic ) and that music, poetry, mathematics, and even religion would mean nothing if we ceased to exist.

My assumption is that no ones opinion could lie to her right and that the rest of the planet lies to the left. Now we all have an acceptance levels at different points of what is OK and what is not. Artistically (remember what I do, I create allusions) I don't go past the point of implied nudity. For those of you that don't know what that means... I've supplied an image to illustrate the point (I know this is like a magician telling his secrets, and for many this will kill the illusion). Here we have an image of Lisa. And it seems as if she doesn't have a stitch of clothing on. Now roll your mouse over the image and you'll see that in no way is she naked.