Currently I will be lecturing at the Art Institute on 1622 Chestnut Street in room 401

The lectures start at 7:00 P.M.

(the room may change from time to time so check at the front desk)

every third Wednesday of the month.

My next lecture is on

Sorry, currently I have suspended lecturing... until I manage to find time

so there are no new lecture dates at this time.

But keep emailing I'm happy to answer questions

I prefer to do it by phone, so leave your phone number in your email

but normally

I start my lecture at 6:30 and it runs to 8:30


We normally open it up for discussion from 8:30 till 9:30


From 8:30 till 9:30 I normally talk about any topic that anyone has a question on.

This month by popular demand I've been asked to redo my October lecture

on making the 3 D Artists Cover # 41 and the follow up articles in

issue #41 and #43.

I'll show you how I created this image from start to finish "live"

Here are some images from past lectures, where I showed how to use a live model to build a 3D Face

And I'll show you how I take a real person and turn it into a 3 D character... before your eyes.

So if you ever wanted to learn character modeling this is a workshop you can't miss.

(And if any teachers want to bring their whole class... your invited to do so)

PS all who are interested can come to dinner... we shoot the breeze and talk about 3D and I still can get a bite to eat.

If you would like to have me lecture on a topic please E-mail me by clicking on the image below.